Is the Blacksheep really a Blacksheep?

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I was running around the Smuggler’s Rest with my character Sludgge (Level 22 Rogue/Shadowdancer) during this most recent release of the Crystal Cove when I came across an interesting red named enemy: Pirate Captain Black Sheep Omaren.

 photo Sludgge coming across Pirate Captain Blacksheep Omaren_zpsn6sdydek.jpg

Sludgge coming across Pirate Captain Black Sheep Omaren wandering around Smuggler’s Rest.

When I stumbled upon him, I realized that he must have been from the same family as the famous Delara in Stormreach, who was also a Omaren.  I then began to wonder exactly how Pirate Captain Black Sheep got his name.  The Omaren family is part of the famous Coin Lords who founded and developed the city of Stormreach.  However, what most people forget, these Coin Lords were actually descendants from a powerful set of pirates who decided to settle the area.

Looking at this particular situation, one has to wonder who really is the Black Sheep?  Thanks for reading…

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