‘Cause it really is just a game

Even Now

Imma gonna try to keep this short since it’s 4 am here, just had a really great couple of days on DDO. Met some cool people on Sarlona and got Ironica into a small guild with only about a dozen or so members, but they’re all active and all (as of last night, anyway) level 6 or under – GREAT guild for new toons. Ran a few quests with one of her new guildmates and got her well into level 3 and past the 100-favor mark (a bit more on that later).

Also joined up with someone else the night before that and did some questing along with some AWESOME conversation. He/she (not sure which; wasn’t using voice) is in an even tinier guild than the one Ironica ended up joining – just three people, all friends. If that person had been on the next night I probably would have…

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