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Ain’t real life great? My DDO time has been a bit limited lately due to getting busy in pesky RL and to the weather – yes, really, the weather. First it was several days of severe thunderstorms that chased me offline; once the wind starts blowing, my Internet connection is about as reliable as a hireling. And then it was several days of pure, relentless HEAT. We’re talking 90+ degrees. This room has a west-facing window so it really heats up as the afternoon wears on… and oh yeah, it has NO AIR CONDITIONING. Aside from being worried about the computer overheating, I’m worried about ME overheating.

When I’ve been online the past week, I’ve been mostly playing Jall trying to get her levelled up. I’d only had her out to Searing Heights a few times, and never for long; now she’s completed the whole S/R/E chain with a lot…

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