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The Saga of Amastris

So I’m back into epic levels again! I am really excited to see what a Barb can do in epics. I’ve jumped up to about 150k shy of level 24 rather quickly. I don’t have my TF Falchion yet (it has a ruby of devotion 114 in it) or my iron mitts with the Globe of True Imperial Blood augment in it which are level 25. I also have a Windlasher at level 25 with a meteoric star ruby in it then TF medium armor and fully upgraded Necklace of Mystical Eidolons at 26. And 27 being a mix of Necro 4 gear. So far up to this point EH has been a breeze. I have done one EE, Impossible Demands, which was challenging to some minor extent. I have even completed an EH Devil’s Assault with 20 negative levels. no lie I had like 300 hp and just wouldn’t die at…

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