There and back again…our new addition

Confessions of a Geek Mom

We lost our longtime furbaby, Buggy on Labor Day.  My husband was instantly, NO MORE PETS!

Now in his defense, we had bought a guinea pig for our younger daughter’s 5th birthday.  A male guinea pig she named Madison.  Well, Madison was not a he.  He was a SHE.  And SHE was carrying stowaways.  4 for the price of one.  Geee thanks.  Petco was willing to take the stowaways once they were weaned around 3 weeks.  At least that was the plan until our gamer child was inconsolable.  “But Mommy, they are FAMILY.  And you don’t give away FAMILY!!!!” Queue the tears and snot.  And Gamer child cried too.  Daddy was screwed.

Well, four turned into five when there was a cage break.  I received a panic-filled text message from my husband while at therapy for our younger daughter.  “THERE ARE THREE IN A CAGE!!!!!!!” Considering that there were two…

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