Update 28

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

If we set the issue of ‘items’ aside for a minute I must say that I am impressed that Turbine put together 4 diverse quests in such a short period of time and with only one major issue (don’t use Divine Crusader destiny) in one quest.

True – these are not ‘elaborate’ quests. For most part they’re fairly ‘walk this way’ with one encounter after another. But there are some optionals (nothing major) and 4 different bosses with special powers.

These are all voice acted with interesting character but in the large scheme of things it’s not all that note worthy.

28 also continues a trend of giving everyone something. From some jumping stuff, to some puzzle stuff to a bunch of fights and some traps. That was true with the previous update. Given the time to both release 2 updated ranger trees and 4 quests of content it’s clear…

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