Time to Take a Detour

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Although the quest chain The High Road of Shadows has been out for quite some time, the only exposure I have had with it has been to run some slayers in the wilderness area with a few of my higher level characters.  Up to this point, I haven’t had the desire or the need to run through the quests that were released with the pack.  However, I’m currently working on completing the non-raid heroic quests on elite with Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) and came up to these set of quests in my Adventure Compendium.  The first quest in this chain is called Detour.  The quest giver is Tibalt Dormen, a Harper located not faraway from the entrance zone to the High Road.  When talking to Tibalt, we learn that Oriphaun has broken up a nether scroll and another Harper wizard has found one of the pieces. …

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Hot(bar) mess

Even Now

Even can haz green steel!

Now that Jall is moving up in the world (she hit level 18 tonight!), I’ve been noticing things that were OK at lower levels but are less than ideal for her now.

Like Heal Mass. Used to be she never used it (except when I clicked it by mistake…), but lately I’ve found her needing it on several occasions. And the thing with Heal Mass is, when you DO need to use it, you need to use it RIGHT THEN. Or somebody’s probably going to die. Trouble is, it takes FOREVER to cast – has to be a good three seconds from the time I click the icon until Jall gets done waving her arms around and actually casts it – and it’s got a cooldown that’s at least equal to the arm-waving timeframe.

She was running Trial By Fire with her Emerald Dragons guildies a few nights ago and…

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Lava caves

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I actually like lava caves; the big shard one and the first one. They’re best run between 8-10 and not so much after that (if you want to solo with melee). And that’s because the enemies get stuff like BBs and such and there’s such a stark differense between 10-11 it’s almost day and night.

The regular lava caves is tactical. Create a choke point with hireling – I use gold level 10 fighter because he’s cheap and a market bought Favored Soul (because he can fight too). Them both together can hold the intersection with ease and only when the stupid red named rustmonster pops out can it get intense (the warforged level 10 fighter usually gets smacked bad). Unfortunately hirelings are not smart enough to res themselves by the nearby shrine.

I generally start to the right – checking if there are any purple. If there are there’s…

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Enjoying the Dual Boxing, Quest Runs October 26 to October 29

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As I look back at the quest runs I did this week, I couldn’t help but notice that each day I did some dual boxing, from Monday to Thursday.  I don’t think I have noticed before and I have been back into dual boxing for a few weeks now.  Speaking of using dual boxing, I kicked off the quest runs this week by taking Containment (Level 7 Cleric), from my premium account, and Cannock (Level 7 Druid), from my VIP account, out into the lush jungles of Tangleroot Gorge for both of them to keep acquiring their slayers out there.  One thing I have noticed by dual boxing with Cannock and my characters on my premium account, is that he might actually max out the Tangleroot Slayer area before he finished out Waterworks.  I’ll guess we will have to wait and see how that hold out.  In the afternoon, I…

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The Little Mountain: “Peak” Performance

The Order of Syncletica

“No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.”

–The Emperor (from the Disney film, “Mulan”)

Over the recent months I’ve realized that each of my Monks have developed a specialty as I’ve altered their abilities to suit my fun.

Ryncletica is my only dark Monk (which may change as my only Rogue reaches 20), a Ninja Spy Water Stancer with potent Shadowdancer powers, able to infiltrate where few others dare go in Epic adventures.

Syncletica is my first Monk, a Wind Stancer Shintao Monk that is (mostly) as deadly as she is swift.

Quintessica shouts “I am the AVATAR! You better deal with it!” In her first life, she was a Grandmaster of all elements, with Whirlwind Attack and Grandmaster of Flowers. In her second life now, she returned as a Human for more healing amplification, HP, and an extra feat.


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Baby steps

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Watching my wife play the half orc I put together for her is kind of frustrating and funny at the same time. It’s like watching drunk people dance. She’s all over the place. Hitting thin air most of the time. It takes patience to shepherd her through the content and most of the time I just let her flail until it’s all dead. Unless of course someone is killing me while she’s fully engaged in the DDO version of ‘air guitar’.

She’s always complaining about moving with the keyboard – and I understand. But I also know that like with me, it’ll be so for her. Eventually the whole finger dexterity will take over and he’ll be moving like a pro. And the worst she’ll ever be worried about is to ‘get strong’ and swing. Playing a good melee isn’t exactly the height of sophistication.

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An interview with DDOGamer

The Stormreach Campaign


As an introduction to their prize giveaway, Geoff over at DDOGamer sent me some questions. I assumed they were for some background to the article on the giveaway, but Geoff posted it up as an interview with some very complimentary things about the Stormreach Campaign.

Okay, it definitely wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition but happy to help out all the same.

A big thanks to Geoff for the article and the kinds words. I’ve spent countless hours over the years listening to DDOCast, reading DDOGamer and grinning along with the Cocktail Hour. Even more hours with Ron’s character planner, and more recently enjoying the fresh perspective from DDOPlayers and reading other people’s blogs via DDOCentral. Each of the copies of the hardback these folks received are well deserved. Keep up the good work.

An interview with Geoff over at DDOGamer

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Check Out That Quarterstaff

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The other day I was taking Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through the quest The Druid’s Curse and couldn’t help but notice the quarterstaff wielded by the end boss, Halsaime.  Erdrique, being a Thief Acrobat, can appreciate the beautiful design and function of a powerfully built quarterstaff.  In Halsaime’s hands, the quarterstaff has this wicked looking red aura glowing from it and seems to emit electric like charges from its head.  The handle appears to be made of darkwood or some other similar material.

 photo Wicked staff_zpszgvslysp.jpg

Check out that quarterstaff Halsaime has.

As I prepared to fight Halsaime, I wondered what enchantments this powerful looking quarterstaff was bestowed with.  These enchantments must be pretty powerful and intoxicating with Halsaime claiming he will not give up the quarterstaff and wants to feed you to his flower bed in Druid’s Deep.  Halsaime tends to attack with some of the strongest druid…

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Hitting 17 the painful way

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I was playing my Artificer and I jumped on the chance to join some shroud flagging quest. At 15 I had burnt through 5-7 runs of Devil and now at 16 I thought it would be the right thing to do. It was just as the promotional 20% exp hit and I bought a 30% pot to go with that. It was only on normal; now I had my misgivings early on when the healer (leader) died out in the wilderness. He got webbed and acid rained on and his death was utterly pointless. And instead of going healbot in a group of DPS and casters, he kept wasting more and more SP inside on blade barriers and such. So soon enough he ran short on SP and we’re not even halfway done and I’m trying desperately to substitute heal. The guy didn’t have heal scrolls he said (I asked him) and…

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Complications in the Den

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Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is making his way through the rest of his heroic quests before really starting his epic questing.  I currently have some level 17 quests to finish on elite and then all of those from level 18 and 19.  One of these quests includes the quest called In the Demon’s Den.  In the Demon’s Den is a level 18 quest on normal, making it a level 20 quest on elite.  I had planned on working on this quest yesterday afternoon after work, so I took Erdrique into the the Inspired Quarter section of the Harbor and popped on it.  The quest isn’t part of the Inspired Quarter story chain and is instead a stand alone quest that is bestowed by an agent of the Silver Flame named Uriel.  As we come across Uriel, we learn that a powerful demon has come to Xen’drik…

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