The Desert and other fun

Confessions of a Geek Mom

Gamer child is now level 12!!!!

And gaming is coming full circle as we introduced her to the Sands of Menechtarun.  It was a few years ago that she really wanted to start playing and ran my character through the open area with the rest of the guild while I cooked dinner.

Like any responsible parent, I told her to stock up on Remove Curse and Remove Disease pots to cure her own Mummy Rot.  Girl Scouts are always prepared.

I was quite proud to see her removing her own Mummy Rot during two of the Desert Walk up quests, Tomb of the Physician and Tomb of the Astrologer on Elite.  Unlike others who forgot pots….cough cough Geoff Hanna.

She has been exploring the Desert with the help of the wiki maps but I think the topography is throwing her off with the mountains.  But we had her drink…

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