An interview with DDOGamer

The Stormreach Campaign


As an introduction to their prize giveaway, Geoff over at DDOGamer sent me some questions. I assumed they were for some background to the article on the giveaway, but Geoff posted it up as an interview with some very complimentary things about the Stormreach Campaign.

Okay, it definitely wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition but happy to help out all the same.

A big thanks to Geoff for the article and the kinds words. I’ve spent countless hours over the years listening to DDOCast, reading DDOGamer and grinning along with the Cocktail Hour. Even more hours with Ron’s character planner, and more recently enjoying the fresh perspective from DDOPlayers and reading other people’s blogs via DDOCentral. Each of the copies of the hardback these folks received are well deserved. Keep up the good work.

An interview with Geoff over at DDOGamer

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