Complications in the Den

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Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is making his way through the rest of his heroic quests before really starting his epic questing.  I currently have some level 17 quests to finish on elite and then all of those from level 18 and 19.  One of these quests includes the quest called In the Demon’s Den.  In the Demon’s Den is a level 18 quest on normal, making it a level 20 quest on elite.  I had planned on working on this quest yesterday afternoon after work, so I took Erdrique into the the Inspired Quarter section of the Harbor and popped on it.  The quest isn’t part of the Inspired Quarter story chain and is instead a stand alone quest that is bestowed by an agent of the Silver Flame named Uriel.  As we come across Uriel, we learn that a powerful demon has come to Xen’drik…

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