Hot(bar) mess

Even Now

Even can haz green steel!

Now that Jall is moving up in the world (she hit level 18 tonight!), I’ve been noticing things that were OK at lower levels but are less than ideal for her now.

Like Heal Mass. Used to be she never used it (except when I clicked it by mistake…), but lately I’ve found her needing it on several occasions. And the thing with Heal Mass is, when you DO need to use it, you need to use it RIGHT THEN. Or somebody’s probably going to die. Trouble is, it takes FOREVER to cast – has to be a good three seconds from the time I click the icon until Jall gets done waving her arms around and actually casts it – and it’s got a cooldown that’s at least equal to the arm-waving timeframe.

She was running Trial By Fire with her Emerald Dragons guildies a few nights ago and…

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