Lava caves

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I actually like lava caves; the big shard one and the first one. They’re best run between 8-10 and not so much after that (if you want to solo with melee). And that’s because the enemies get stuff like BBs and such and there’s such a stark differense between 10-11 it’s almost day and night.

The regular lava caves is tactical. Create a choke point with hireling – I use gold level 10 fighter because he’s cheap and a market bought Favored Soul (because he can fight too). Them both together can hold the intersection with ease and only when the stupid red named rustmonster pops out can it get intense (the warforged level 10 fighter usually gets smacked bad). Unfortunately hirelings are not smart enough to res themselves by the nearby shrine.

I generally start to the right – checking if there are any purple. If there are there’s…

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