Balance changes

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When changes come you have two choices. Roll with the punches or reevaluate your investment. There’s a reason why DDO is losing customers and I’m sure some of it might be the age of the game – Turbine can’t put out enough content to keep people interested.

I doubt however it’s because everything is so easy.

Cordovan already expressed that the main reason are all the ones who complain about how easy everything is; so the result are changes that in some areas make sense and others don’t.

Cracking down on top line DPS is fine to me. In most cases the proposed changes will simply slow down the torrent of high crit DPS and we’re still going to be able to beat most content. I’m skeptical about the threat range change as it makes named and random items flavor less but I understand the reasoning, even if say someone…

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Exploring the Twilight Canyon-Ritual Sacrifice

Erdrique's Blog

During Erdrique’s (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) heroic true reincarnation train and his past few lives, I haven’t taken the time to venture back into the Vale of Twilight.  This was because I has hitting level 20 before I made my way out into the Vale of the Twilight and would quickly go through the reincarnation process to start back at level 1.  However, during this particular go round, I have decided to do an epic reincarnation and then a heroic true reincarnation which has allowed me to venture back into this beautiful area.  Within the Vale of Twilight lies one quest that I have always found fun to complete, Ritual Sacrifice.

 photo On my way to Ritual Sacrifice_zpsvzvgekkz.jpg

Erdrique making his way towards Ritual Sacrifice.

Ritual Sacrifice is a level 16 quest, making it level 18 on elite.  It is located nearly due east of Meridia and south of the area that is…

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Invaders! A Video Walkthrough

The Order of Syncletica

Current Score: Ninja 3, Beholders: 0. Current Score: Ninja 3, Beholders: 0.

Sorry for the 2-week+ timing between posts. Per my guild rules, real life comes first. Work, as well as a family illness, has made the past weeks pretty tough to post anything of significance.

I’m surprised I’ve not made a video walkthrough of one of the most challenging Heroic quests in the game. That’s probably because it’s a bat-shit crazy idea for any class to complete, much less complete by going solo.

But if they were any character that could make it work in my dojo, it’s Kiricletica, built to solo from the start.

Invaders!” is a revisit to the central Waterworks sewer system (minus the hidden doors, rare encounters and usual denizens). A Xoriat invasion occurs there, cutting off paths through the sewers, scaring the crap out of the kobolds and, most distressingly, causing many, many beholders to appear.

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EEraids 29

Micki's Delirium

I was a bit late for my raids this week. Me and darth went shopping and we weren’t home til after 7.30, and then I had to let the degus out, so logged on at 9. I put the lfm up and apologized in channel for being late. Not that I know if anyone even read it. I got a few joiners quite fast, and Nurmaso started running the puzzles right after joining. I stayed on my ship for a bit while doing my daily duolingo on my phone. I stepped into the raid when I was done and caught up to the group as they were about to fight the bone guardian. We got/ did jumps and red light/ green light room. Some people were having some issues in the jumps and caught up with us later, while red light/ green light went really well, even though it takes…

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Weekend raidin’ n such

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This weekend – adding a Monday off to the pile had me run a bunch of raids on several chars – capping off the 40th MoD on my Arti, more DoJ on my Ranger and Warlock and an assortment of others including Chronosphere.

I really didn’t have any leveling plans for the first time ever, until I hit the 40th on my Arti and realized that I had 6 mill Karma in All spheres and 2 arcane done just begging for me to do a third to get that 9% additional crit.

I’m tempted at doing a few more iconic or true reincarnations to get maybe a little bit more spell pen or something done. But not until I hit 28, something I surely want to do before the level cap hits 30.

And I’m not done with all the other guys too. The thing I ask myself is if…

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Retro Gaming: Pool of Radiance part 4

Bio Break


(This is part of my journey going checking out Pool of Radiance. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Emboldened by my glorious victory over starving kobolds, my party ventures in deeper into the slums. Here we surprise an orc party, perhaps celebrating the retirement of one of their most distinguished members. Mind if we crash?

Here’s the best screen of the game: the after-battle loot screen! Yes, give me all the things, please.

George Michael took a beating with the orcs, probably because the idiot still won’t wear armor or use weapons. Guess we’ll drag his corpse around.


I felt really bad for this orc. We destroyed his party and this one guy starts running as far as he can until he gets into a corner and can’t go anywhere else. Had to kill him, of course, but still felt bad. Been there, buddy!

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Settling Back Into the Routine, Questing October 9th to October 11th

Erdrique's Blog

It is definitely nice be back to my normal routine.  This past weekend I was able to get in a full set of questing.  Although I do admit that over the past few weekends prior to me leaving for Michigan I was able to get in some questing in between chores and yard work but I wasn’t able to do that this weekend.  However, I still had a normal weekend full of questing :).  I kicked everything off with a slayer run through Three Barrel Cove with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin) and Berann (Level 8 Barbarian).  I didn’t take me long to get back into dual boxing.  I was originally scheduled to take Suppply, my paladin from my premium account, back into Three Barrel Cove to hunt down just a few more rare encounters and to find a couple more explorer points.  I decided to bring in Berann, a barbarian…

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Retro Gaming: Pool of Radiance part 3

Bio Break


(This is part of my journey going checking out Pool of Radiance. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

One of the weird dynamics of doing these retro gaming playthroughs is that there’s an ongoing pressure to make progress for the sake of the series. If I get bogged down in a scene or can’t figure out a game or get too frustrated, then it can all implode quickly.

This thought is very much in my mind with Pool of Radiance, because even after two sessions, I’m still trying to figure out how to play the game — nevermind make progress in it. I do deeply appreciate all of your comments and tips so far, and due to them, I decided to reroll my team and see if I can’t actually figure out how to fight properly.

As  someone pointed out, you can go in…

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