Looks Like I’m Becoming Popular

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I have said a number of times that it is the little things in DDO that really keep me so interested in this great game.  Here is another example of this.  While running Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through Wheloon with my guildie, Hellbanisher, I came across some type of a missive.  I thought it was some type of journal entry or explorer point.  However, it turned out to be a bounty.  What made it most interesting was that it was a bounty for me!!

 photo I have a bounty on my head_zpsybnkyr8k.jpg

Erdrique coming across a rather interesting bounty, for himself, in Wheloon Prison.

So it appears that besides gaining the favor of the many different factions in DDO (in both Stormreach and Eveningstar) I seem to also be gaining angst from those who oppose me!!  Talk about becoming popular :).  I wonder who wrote the bounty…This calls for investigation!!

But, here is another little…

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The History of Stormreach

The Stormreach Campaign

The party arrive in Stormreach along with refugees from Khorvaire, encountering a city unlike any on Eberron.

stormreach harbour sunshine

To appreciate the unique nature of Stormreach and the significance of the events that befall the city, we need to look back at the city’s history.

Much of the details are taken directly from The City of Stormreach source book, with additions specific to our campaign.

The History of Stormreach

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Retro Gaming: Pool of Radiance part 2

Bio Break


(This is part of my journey going checking out Pool of Radiance. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Before heading out to the slums, our party decides to kick back at one of the many, many taverns that this mid-range town provides. More taverns here than Seattle has Starbucks, but this is D&D and to be expected.

The second I walk through the door, a pickpocket tries to grab my gold. I grab him instead and a fight breaks out. My first of the game!



Geez, there’s like 30 people springing up for a fight, all heavily armed. This is the battle screen for Pool of Radiance, which is nice for positional attacks and moving around, but not really my favorite approach for a turn-based CRPG. At least there’s an option to set each of my characters to “quick,” which…

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What is in a Name?

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One of the toughest things I generally run across when it comes to creating a character is trying to figure out a decent name.  For the most part, my character’s names are centered around my favorite childhood video game, Dragon Warrior.  In fact, Erdrique was supposed to be Erdrick.  However, the DDO naming system wouldn’t let me use Erdrick so I came down to using Erdrique, with the thought that the ‘que’ would be pronounced as “ck.”  What I should have done was add in an extra “c” or “k” or something else but I wasn’t being quite that creative.  I also imagine that the developers have a hard time coming up with unique names for the myriad of NPCs throughout the game.  With this in mind, I found one particular name just ironic.  I came across this NPC while I was making my way through Wheloon.  Now keep…

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Tuhnn’s Journal-Feast or Famine

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Quest: Feast or Famine
Level: 13 (normal), 14 (Hard), 15 (Elite)
Crawlers: Tuhnn

I’m going to do what I can to fit into the Crypt Crawlers. I was just recruited into the guild recently by the guild’s leader, Erdrique Hauksness. We’ll see if any of the aspects of strange and violent past will have any effect on this union but I’m hoping not. For my first assignment, Erdrique task me to investigate the issues surrounding the recently located ruins of Gianthold. Evidently this area was a major and important cent for the ancient and powerful giant empire. It appears to have drawn quite a bit of attention especially from the dragon of Argonnesson. The rumors I have heard about the Stormreaver and this Prophecy have also peaked my curiosity as well.

After I made my travel out to the ruins I decided to scope out the encampment and to learn…

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Retro Gaming: Pool of Radiance part 1

Bio Break

(This is part of my journey going checking out Pool of Radiance. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Bio Break’s readers have spoken, and Pool of Radiance is the next retro game that I’ll be covering on the weekends. To be honest, I’m an equal mixture apprehensive and excited about this one.

On one hand, it’s the first of the legendary “Gold Box” computer RPGs that became fairly popular in the late 80s and early 90s (It’s also the first computer AD&D product). My entire experience with the Gold Box games up to this point in my life was a brief stint with one of the Buck Rogers games way back when, and I barely remember any of that. Why Buck Rogers? Because it was on TV in the afternoon during summer and I was starving for sci-fi.

On the other hand, older CRPGs can…

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Slowly Getting Back to Schedule, Quest Runs October 5th to October 8th

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Things are slowly getting back to schedule.  Over the past weekend and through Tuesday, October 6th I was visiting my family up in Michigan as we laid my grandmother to rest :(.  I didn’t get back home in North Carolina until early Wednesday morning.  Although I had Wednesday off from work, my wife had to work.  Once I crawled out of bed from the long drive, and while she was at work, I went ahead and logged back into DDO and did some much needed character maintenance.  I logged on through all of my characters and took the time to take care of their returned auctions, clean up their in game mail, posted new auctions, broke down loot from returned auctions, and other maintenance tasks.  I started to do this on the weekend but I couldn’t do this past weekend because of being out of town.  However, I caught everything…

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Scaring the Specter

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Awhile back I was dual boxing with Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) and Kanndar (Level 12 Paladin) and I took them into The Tomb of the Shadow Lord.  I went in on elite and was expecting a little difficulty with the numerous incorporeal mobs, however, I didn’t expect to scare them :).  Coming across one of the hidden/secret doors with Stoorage I found a specter and was prepping to attack, but it never moved.

 photo The stationary specter_zpsvijhi1a3.jpgStoorage coming across a stunned specter in Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

I guess Stoorage is just more scary than I gave him credit for!!  Or perhaps this specter finally had it with constantly being killed and decided he was going to go on strike :).  LOL, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Shadow Series Quests!!

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The Xorian Saga

The Stormreach Campaign

beholder at portal

Journeying beyond Eberron to the planes and other realms is one of the most interesting aspects of DDO for me and has some amazing potential for future storylines.

While a lot of the rich lore gives us great depth, the possibility for planar travel gives great breadth particularly for Epic quests.

While on the Player Council, I proposed a Xorian Saga and gave an outline of the quests involved and why I had chosen them. I’ve expanded on this in the context of the Stormreach Campaign.

The Xorian Storyline.

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A Look at Blockade Buster

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I enjoy the quests that are in the Attack On Stormreach Chain which includes Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, and Seigebreaker.  In particular, Blockade Buster is a rather interesting quest in that it can be done completely stealthily, assuming you have skills and patience to pull it off.  Blockade Buster is second quest in the chain, if you were to do them in order, and it involves you and your party sabotaging the menacing Droaam fleet that has blockaded the Stormreach Harbor.  The quest giver is Graden Wylkes who happens to be gathered with the other Coin Lords in the Lords March Palace.  Graden asks you for help in destroying this blockade.  The blockade is composed up of three large vessels: Carnage, Vengeance, and Bloodlust.  The Carnage is captained by a large and very powerful ogre named Bash, the Vengeance is captained by the…

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