First mabar experience

Micki's Delirium

Tonight when mabar finally went live I joined a lvl 16-20 party on Maidae and was running around Delera’s Graveyard killing things, piking once in a while to send tells to a friend. 🙂 I got enough motes to pick up base item of Cloak of Night and Wraps of Endless Light, but what annoys me is that u cannot get the item at the level u want, but have to buy the base and then upgrade.

I stayed on long enough for the Summoning Chamber to open, went in with my party, but ended up in lvl 20-25 instance instead. Lag is bad, but when the dragon arrives it gets really bad. I can’t move at all, and we end up failing. I was told that the one before had had exactly the same problem.

If turbine doesn’t fix this lag problem, I guess I’ll only get items…

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They grow up so fast

Even Now

It seems like just last week, Jalliria was very much the “weaker sister” of Even. Part of that, of course, is because Even’s got quite a few levels and a fair amount of playing time on her.

Another part is just a matter of class – Even, being a pally and sort of an intimitank, can kick some butt, whereas cleric Jall is more of a sit-back-and-heal toon.

Even’s been my go-to girl almost from the moment I rolled her. Jall was originally my “secret” toon, the one I used when my boyfriend was playing HIS “secret” toon so we could get some playing time alone together.

So it seems weird now to be taking Jall on quests that Even did recently, and sometimes still finds challenging.

What’s surprising is how well my squishy little cleric is doing. Her main weapon is a +4 Shock Khopesh of Pure Good that…

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Very Light Weekend, Questing October 2nd to October 4th

Erdrique's Blog

Well, I’m sure many folks can tell that I have fallen a little behind this weekd :(.  I had to do some unexpected traveling to my home state of Michigan over the weekend to be with my family.  I currently live on the North Carolina coast, so the drive is definitely a little challenging.  With that said, I was only able to get in a single slayer run over the weekend which was on Friday prior to going to work.  I had taken a half day on Friday and we left later Friday night.  That allowed me to get some rest/sleep before the long drive.  In either case, I took Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) and Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) into Sorrowdusk Isle to gather up some slayers.  It was another opportunity to do some dual boxing.  I was originally scheduled to take Stoorage into the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle and…

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Ranger Destinies

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I currently play a 16 Ranger, 2 Fighter and 2 Paladin.

It’s a simple Tempest/Deepwood Sniper build with a little invested in Arcane Archer. The primary form of attack is 2 weapon fighting with ranged manyarrow for burst damage. The strength at 28 with gear is a solid 50 with close to 40’s for dex and con. Nothing noteworthy. I can still eek out a little more by doing a third reinc.

It was my second char I ever made but I haven’t played it much since the second expansion and the drips and draps of changes to PRR and now added MRR. Plus the tempest tree was never all that strong – making it a weak build that couldn’t take a good hit. Now with the changes to Tempest and Deepwood, that has changed.

As you can see by the class tree I try to do as few clickies as possible…

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Barbarian – Into the unknown – Part II

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

“I’ll tell you one thing Toflim!!! It isn’t that peace of cake that i took it for – this traning with theese primitive grunts!

They hit harder than i expected and my punches and swings seems to be lost on those brutes!

Good thing i choose to stay in my trusted armor! It shrugs off most of their hits – giving me some kind of momentum. But their armors are much lighter and thus they can move and attack faster than I! 

I do miss the possibility to use my earlier trained skills – but promised to go into this open minded and as a “clean sheet” – makes the learning of the barbarian battle routines much easier they say!”

I told Bloodlickr that I had no usefull advice to this mission of his. I am only tagging along for mere history writings and documentation of achievements and deeds.


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Ranger Build and some other thoughts

The Saga of Amastris

I want to start off by letting my readers know that were currently in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct. 4th – 10th). With this in mind I found an Academic paper which correlates gaming and mental health, particularly the prevalence of pathological gaming and how it impacts a persons life and functionality in the real world. It’s not a very long paper so below is a shortened URL for the paper. I encourage everyone to read it. BTW I didn’t write this paper, I was too busy gaming (A joke, only a joke!) no but seriously I didn’t write the thing. So pretty much you need to get up and do something else but after you read the blog of course!!

Gaming and mental health

As for DDO, I’ve been plowing through epic levels like mad and I’m already back up to level 24 I’ve been getting 1 level a…

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My First Look at Update 28-Grim and Barrett

Erdrique's Blog

Earlier in the week, I got my first look at one of the quests from Update 28, Grim and Barrett.  I took Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) into the quest on heroic elite.  Grim and Barrett is a level 14 quest, making it level 16 on elite.  I took Erdrique into the quest on heroic elite to get an idea of what the quest was like.  Although I was level 20, I must say that I still found the quest challenging in many respects.  I really liked how the quest opened up, with Arraetrikos confronting you as soon as you entered the Gatekeeper’s Hostel and then simply dismissing you so that his minions can deal with you.  If you aren’t aware of the storyline behind the quest, basically Arraetrikos has decided to invade Gatekeeper’s Hostel in order to achieve some type of Planar Awl, an ancient relic…

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Firetha TR 3

Micki's Delirium

Last night I was thinking I would just eTR Firetha (so I would remember to do it before TR) and then run some quests on Thaz. But as I was done with the eTR I said to myself “meh, I’ll just TR now”… I went to the reincarnation grove, did the procedure, logged out to get my screenshot, restarted client… and huh? I did not have a button for reincarnate. I logged back in again and tried again, and I had to look at it twice before I realised where I had gone wrong. TR cache! I’ve been mainly eTR’ing of late and didn’t remember that doing a TR means you have to empty it, lol. So I spent my time doing that before finally getting to do my TR. Here are Firetha’s before and after. And as always, the creation cave does not give you the real colors. He…

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The extended weekend

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I was off Thursday and Friday, adding a few additional days of playing. It paid off too as I first ER’d when u28 went live and then leveled 24 to 28 over the weekend.

So far so good. I started out doing LD since I wanted to line up an ER in LD. Adding a total of 9% doublestrike is nice and my next goal is to get 2 more in on FotW for 9 in doubleshot. But I’m also interested in DC – that adds PRR. True – 9 additional PRR will only get me a little above 100 but every single thing counts.

Ultimate I’d love to IR into a Purple Knight or Bladeforged just to get that level 15 to 30 bracket up and running. Not that it’s all that quicker or easier, but there’s a lot of great swap in and out gear now for 15…

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First run of Deathwyrm

The Saga of Amastris

So I just ran my very first ever Deathwyrm raid. Here’s the pic!


Player that went with were Cristchurch, Bertagon, Boford, Xaivu, Justthe (surname Doctor!), Alom, Brontorox, Kestros, Hogglum, and Arianrod and of course Amastris.

I really want to thank the other raiders for helping me flag for it being patient with me. I volunteered to do the mirrors and did pretty well until they needed to be zig zagged. That just messed me all up and I did ask for someone else to take over so I could see how it was done and what I wasn’t doing right. Bertagon was stellar at directing me on the process of the mirrors through the first 3 phases of it and Arianrod was outstanding on explaining the second phase of the boss battle. We had to go through the red light green light area and all died upon entry which was a little weird…

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