Illuminating the Monster Manual

Dyson's Dodecahedron

I’ll admit that this year’s attempt at #DRAWLLOWEEN was a bit of a bust – I kept falling behind and ended up burning out around item 19. I’m just not great at deadlines, and 31 deadlines in a row is… well… beyond me.

But, Drawlloween, combined with the amazing work of Zak Smith on redrawing the 5e Monster Manual (link is NSFW) gave me the inspiration and the self-confidence to start on something I’ve been considering for a couple of years.

Annotating, editing, illuminating and otherwise hacking the classic AD&D1e core rule books.

Now, I’m not a 1e kind of guy, but there’s something about these three books that still hits me in the feels (I’ll admit it – I actively dislike playing 1e “by the book”). There’s something so lovingly Gygaxian about the tomes that I decided they were the ones I should be working with. I put out the…

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