The Night Revels

Micki's Delirium

We thought Mabar was gone for good.. well at least I did. Then Turbine announced that they have created a new event that will take place in Delera’s Graveyard around Halloween. I… didn’t really care, until I learned that the augments available stack with everything. So I wanted the augments.

These events are usually a big grind and really time consuming, so I figured I’d log on all my accounts and save myself some time… until I realised that 1. most of the mats are bound to account and 2. there is a mats penalty to characters that are much lower in level than the others… which means I was unable to use my lvl 16 and lvl 23 together with my capped toon(s). In the end I 3-boxed most of the runs at lvl 33, and made a total of 6 augments (of which I gave away half to…

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