Planescape Torment: Playing from McDonald’s

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mumble(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

As I wait for my car to finish up at the auto shop, I find myself stranded at McDonald’s.  So why not a little Planescape Torment while I dally?  Weird thought: Might I be the only person in the world playing Planescape Torment in a McDonald’s at this very moment?  I think that the odds are good.

Inside the festhall I listen to a lecture on the Blood War.  This is a background conflict that hasn’t been seen in the game so much as its presence has been felt, if you can understand that.  Basically, the Blood War is this epic, non-stop conflict between two factions of fiends that’s taking place on many of the planes.  The fiends try to recruit people to fight, but…

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