Do anyone out there built to hit not so hard?

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What’s heavy DPS?

The reason why I haven’t had the chance to run certain quests is that some LFMs have started to ask for heavy DPS. As suppose to regular DPS that is. Ironically by people who seem to think that you can only get heavy DPS from Monks, Barbarians and Fighters. Anything else isn’t heavy DPS.

I’ve seen rogues lead in kills due to their sneak attack and I generally lead in kills on my Ranger in most quests. If it’s Epic I can autocrit kill faster than most builds, simply because at that time it’s all about crit DPS. And if I crit faster around 190+ or someone crit slower around 280+ I usually comes out ahead. On top of that I have multi arrows. That’s 4 arrows (that hits pretty much everything that’s lined up) that hits every tick for 20 seconds. Plus as a Tempest III…

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