Planescape Torment: The Grand Apology Tour

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finam(This is a continuing series detailing my playthrough of Planescape Torment.  You can check out the whole run on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Wow, it’s been over a week since I last touched Planescape Torment, so I’m digging around in my head for what I’ve done and where I’m going.  I’m like the Nameless One, what with recovering lost memories.  I haven’t replaced any body parts lately, however.

I start out by fiddling with the dodecahedron that I picked up from my old room.  Due to my awesome intelligence and resurfacing memories, I’m able to unlock it, at which point it transforms into an unreadable journal.  Is this THE journal?  The one I’ve been seeking?  I have no idea.

I bring it to Finam the linguist, who takes a look at the book and says that he can’t read it.  That’s bad.  He does say that his father can. …

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