DDO – 2015 Review

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I should be revising for an upcoming exam, but it’s approaching the end of my Christmas holidays and I really don’t feel like it. So screw it, you guys get a blog instead 😀

2015 has been quite a busy year for DDO and for my DDO characters. So how did it do?

U25 – Reign of Elemental Evil

When this content came out, I loved it. I like Wil Wheaton and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out he was GM’ing the new content. The quests, though long, were fun and sometimes I really like a ton of bad guys to massacre.

Sometimes the mobs get you instead…

Unfortunately I can honestly say I haven’t run it a lot since it came out. It’s not something we tend to run as a guild – nobody really wants anything from there – and because of it’s length I tend to…

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Hitting the Pawnbrokers

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When DDO first started there wasn’t an auction house, trade channels did not exist, the astral shard exchange wasn’t thought about, finding gear and weapons was much more difficult that it is today.  One of the major sources of upgrading your gear was to visit the various pawnbrokers scattered throughout Stormreach.  However, with the advent of the auction house and with Cannith Crafting, I have pretty much neglected the pawnbrokers until the most recent random loot pass.

I found it interesting to visit these brokers once again.  The primary reason I have started to use the brokers again isn’t for looking for new gear, but to unload it.  Currently, the Cannith Crafting system hasn’t been updated and as a result the majority of new effects aren’t recognized not allowing these items to be broken down into the appropriate essences.  So, if these items don’t sell in the auction house I…

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The things that get me

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Sometimes I really enjoy DDO. Like some of the new challenges with the ability to make tokens, exp pots etc using mats from the challenge quests. Very clever, smart idea and something that adds to the game.

Othertimes it’s just poorly executed. Like hirelings. Especially gold. So I get a rogue and do quests on elite, 2 levels above the quests, so a 7 is done with my level 9 monk. I use a gold rogue and cleric along with a sorc. The Rogue can’t find one single trap. Mind you he’s 2 levels above. I boost him with stuff like heroism. Still can’t find it. He’s blind. Completely and utterly worthless – above level and boosted and still not good at anything. And that’s what get me. I get it that a on level such as a level 7 rogue hireling doing a level 7 quest on elite –…

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Some Light Questing over the Holiday, December 21 to December 24

Erdrique's Blog

Well, not only did I fall behind in my blogging schedule over this holiday season, I also fell a little behind in my questing.  Of course this was because of spending time visiting my family and sharing the holidays with them so that makes it worth it :)!!  Taking a quick look at my quest runs the Christmas week showed some slayer runs, some favor runs, and some mid-level quest runs.

I kicked things off on Monday morning by taking Erdrique (Level 25 Rogue/Primal Avatar) out into Ataraxia’s Haven for some slayer runs prior to heading off to work.  I continued that theme by taking Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into the Sands of Menechtarun to continue his slayers.  That night, I was scheduled to play Hamllin once again and this time I decided to take him back into the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1 on elite to gather up…

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The Luck Rolls Both Ways

Erdrique's Blog

Ugh, I have fallen behind once again in my blogging :(.  Nothing like the holidays to make you fall behind!!  Well, now it is time to catch back up!!

With that in mind, I couldn’t help but make another comment on the daily dice rolls between my two accounts, my premium and VIP accounts.  Sometimes I just think my premium account has that “golden” touch, even though I don’t get a weekly dice roll with that account.  I say this because while I was doing the silver daily dice rolls, I rolled a jackpot, a perfect 100, on my premium account.

Stoorage gets a 100!!

Now, although this isn’t a very unusual thing by myself, what happened next, in combination with this roll, was a little unusual.  After I rolled the jackpot on my premium account, I logged on with my VIP account and wondered if the luck would continue. …

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Reality Bytes

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Not a bad weekend, although I put DDO on the backtrack while letting real life guide me. 1 or so levels playing with my wife; she’s really getting the hang of it and capped my sorc. I just decided to muddle through it doing as many things as possible and finally adding Shavarath slayer to the mix and another quest and that was it. Level 20, put on all my epic stuff (2 things, but I ain’t complaining) and then added a half a day finishing off some reward stuff. You know, level 2’s through 10 that I didn’t care to finish just for some additional points and such. So he’s ready for the xpack with the rest of my capped toons but my fighter isn’t. Which isn’t really the worst thing; I have a feeling that while my wife is getting it I also think that she needs to…

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Machines in My Ghosts

The Order of Syncletica

Would you believe me if I told you that I barely know what I’m doing?

I didn’t think so. I couldn’t do my job if I didn’t balance the right spell while making fine adjustments on my growing inventory of devices. The newest tool I’ve been learning to upkeep since receiving one from my professor, the rune arm, is particularly challenging to keep working without blowing up in my face.

The professor doesn’t have to cut me a break, but he does. He’s used to teaching humans on the ways of House Cannith, home of the arch-craftsmen of Ebberon. I’m just an orphaned Drow lucky enough not to be wolf food years ago.

I hear a metallic creak at my feet. Syracuse, my pet defender, looks up at me. He’s a smart dog. I pick up a small metal cog and fling across the workshop–a bit too hard. It sails…

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