Nothing Like Getting Some Pay Back!!

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Two weekends ago, I mentioned how I ran into some problems completing the quest What Goes Up on heroic elite with Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar).  During those attempts, I had spent an entire night trying to take my hirelings into the last fight to only be defeated time after time.  I had eventually learned that I had enough skills to sneak around the entire peak of the final fight without detection which allowed me to find and defeat two of the four Shadovars but by the time I had discovered this, it didn’t take to many more deaths and reentries to lose all of my primary equipment from being broken.

This time however, I had more help with me.  Hellorcish, Level 26 Barbarian, come out and gave me a hand :).  Ironically, during this particular situation, I ran into more problems during the initial trek up to the glacier…

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