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I’ve given my 2 cents on the u29 fiasco on the forums so I’m going to leave that alone (completely). But let me say this – the state of the random loot can be good and interesting, but right now it’s simply way too powerful. Way too.

But lets talk the new quests and the shroud. The new quests are too long. One is not that bad, sorta – okay. That’s the one without all the oozes and kobolds.

The one with is terrible. It’s my new least favorite quests. It got all of the stuff I like the least. Mob after mob of kobolds and oozes. Arcane Oozes are just the worst. And it’s traps, oozes, kobolds, oozes, traps, oozes, oozes, kobolds – a insta killing cube and just wasting time killing oozes, getting hit by traps (since there are no high level rogue hirelings) and kobolds. Did I…

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