Thinking about switching guild

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As I might have mentioned in a previous post, Cleazy wanted me to switch guilds, to move my toons from Legends of Orien, to Disorderly Conduct. Legends of Orien is a huge guild, with over 500 accounts, and is more or less stuck on around lvl 61. Disorderly Conduct is a more exclusive guild, only 15 accounts, all active and is gaining renown fast. Currently lvl 72. After some convincing from Cleazy, I moved Maidae and Cerge to DC a couple of weeks ago, while I wanted to keep Thazara in LoO for now. I also recently moved Jarvanna to LoO.

Now, as Cleazy wants me to move all my toons into his guild, I’m having to consider the pros and cons of doing so. What do I want from my guild?

Legends of Orien

– there’s always people online to talk to in guild chat
– officers and…

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2 Responses to Thinking about switching guild

  1. ddomicki says:

    I’m wondering why you are reposting my very old blogs. This one was originally posted October 22, 2012., so more than 3 years ago.


    • DDOCentral says:

      Sometimes I have nothing else to post. Some of the old blog posts are interesting and have key search terms that drive traffic to DDOCentral. I don’t want to skip any days as the blog should be updated daily to stay relevant to search engines.

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