From human monk to half-orc badass – I mean barbarian

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*Hymm was wandering around House Jorasco enclave, minding his own business, when he tripped over a rather large stone. This struck him as strange. His training as a Shintao monk had made him graceful on his feet. It was unlike him to trip over anything.

Curious, he stooped to look at the object that had caused this uncharacteristic event and was surprised to see that the stone had a large label on it, reading “property of Kruz”.

Hymm picked the stone up, thoughtfully weighing it in his hand. He was acquainted with Kruz. Thanks to him he had taken his training as a monk one step further and become more powerful. Was this a sign….?

Deciding to find out, he changed route and loped across to where the mystic orc was to be found. “Kruz”, Hymm called as he approached “I think this is yours!”. He tossed the stone to…

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