Hitting the Pawnbrokers

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When DDO first started there wasn’t an auction house, trade channels did not exist, the astral shard exchange wasn’t thought about, finding gear and weapons was much more difficult that it is today.  One of the major sources of upgrading your gear was to visit the various pawnbrokers scattered throughout Stormreach.  However, with the advent of the auction house and with Cannith Crafting, I have pretty much neglected the pawnbrokers until the most recent random loot pass.

I found it interesting to visit these brokers once again.  The primary reason I have started to use the brokers again isn’t for looking for new gear, but to unload it.  Currently, the Cannith Crafting system hasn’t been updated and as a result the majority of new effects aren’t recognized not allowing these items to be broken down into the appropriate essences.  So, if these items don’t sell in the auction house I…

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