The things that get me

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Sometimes I really enjoy DDO. Like some of the new challenges with the ability to make tokens, exp pots etc using mats from the challenge quests. Very clever, smart idea and something that adds to the game.

Othertimes it’s just poorly executed. Like hirelings. Especially gold. So I get a rogue and do quests on elite, 2 levels above the quests, so a 7 is done with my level 9 monk. I use a gold rogue and cleric along with a sorc. The Rogue can’t find one single trap. Mind you he’s 2 levels above. I boost him with stuff like heroism. Still can’t find it. He’s blind. Completely and utterly worthless – above level and boosted and still not good at anything. And that’s what get me. I get it that a on level such as a level 7 rogue hireling doing a level 7 quest on elite –…

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