Armor in a treasure bag?

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Not too long ago, I written a blog mentioning how I liked the idea of the breakables having a chance of dropping actual loot.  However, it makes me laugh when I come across something like I did the other day:

how does a cloak or suit orf armor fit a bag photo Blog-howdoesacloakorarmorhitinabag_zpscb4bb315.jpg
Erdrique breaking the tombs in Delera’s and enjoying the loot drops, even though they are in likely “containers”.

As pictured above, I was running the Delera’s quest chain and having a good ol’ time breaking crypts and tombs when the above cloak dropped from one of them.  I just had to giggle when a noticed the treasure bag, which doesn’t look any different from the collectible bags dropped from enemy mobs, holding the cloak.  Now, I can see a cloak possibly fitting in such a bag but the same thing actually occurs when a suit of armor drops from a breakable.  I believe this is the case because…

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One Response to Armor in a treasure bag?

  1. gravisrs says:

    It’s a bottomless one-time magic bags you silly. You can even fit a dragon inside 🙂


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