Totally Not A D&D Fiasco In the Forbidden City

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Googly Dwellers of the Forbidden CityAfter several sessions and exploring about 20% of the surface level of the Forbidden City and about 0.5% of the subsurface level (from the classic 1981 AD&D1e adventure “Dwellers of the Forbidden City“), my 5e group has succeeded at their secondary mission (rescuing the chieftain’s son) and has at least a partial success at their primary mission (figuring out, but not stopping, the source of the raids on caravans along the trade route south of the Forbidden City).

Having entered the city via the great tree instead of one of the two cave routes, the party found itself without an easy exit strategy when the local tasloi population burned down their access point. Last night they chose the “forgotten cave” and used that route to escape… they figured out the puzzles and entered every guarded area from “the back” since the guards are posted to prevent intruders, not stop them…

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