What makes a good dungeon run for me versus a bad one

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Now that I’m getting back into running dungeons once in a while, I was thinking about what thrills me about a good run versus what aggravates me about a bad one.

A good dungeon run…

  • …will clock in at 30 minutes or less
  • …will have a team that’s at least friendly and works well together, if not downright jocular
  • …is easy to navigate in both 2-D and 3-D space
  • …will progress through a visually interesting locale at a fair clip
  • …will result in at least one gear upgrade or tokens that can be used for upgrades
  • …will feel like a great experience and memory
  • …will have bosses that are challenging with mechanics that are understandable
  • …has the right amount (or no) of trash mobs
  • …is a heady rush

A bad dungeon run…

  • …will go on for so long that I start to get physically anxious about wanting to leave
  • …will…

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