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I don’t why I did it, but I kind of wanted to see how much I could get out of running a level 12 quest on elite. I’m talking about the Lordmarch ones – my favorites btw. So I’m doing the first one and check how much I’m going to get (and that’s before any bonuses like conquest) and it was 9k. Here I am – level 17 – and I’m not getting the streak bonus (since you don’t get it for anything 3 levels above the quest) and it sat nicely at 9k.

It’s hard to say no to that kind of XP. Although the final quest might get somewhat hairy and the Minotaur one can get a little much. Especially with the kind of SP a wiz drags around. I tell you what tho – it’s very differen’t. At 17 a sorc has two spells it can load…

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