Shroud runs done silly but quickly and right

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Yesterday I ran a shroud run with AoK. The LFM clearly said griefing is a guarantee and there will be no DDoor option. I was running my Horc fighter anyways so I didn’t expect much; I had some FOM cookies and I have all the rings I need to survive. In other words; the fast pace wouldn’t hurt none.

If you haven’t run with AoK in shroud before it’s generally quick, very few stops beat them down no nonsense runs. If you do the same runs with other guilds such as Big Damn Heroes (now renamed) etc you won’t get the griefing but the runs are equally swift. And that suited me just fine – after suffering through a couple of slow painful runs I was ready for a much quicker one.

And quick it was. Less than 30 minutes later we were done and someone left a ddoor ontop…

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