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My monk Hymm (and several of my guildmates) has now hit level 25, although I’m currently sat at 24 until the guild are available to run the Forgotten Realms challenges at level, so we can get the most XP possible towards our epic destinies. He’s moved from Grandmaster of Flowers to Legendary Dreadnought. Not sure where to go next though….

Meanwhile, my artificer, Othala, has reached level 21 and is ploughing his way through his Draconic what-you-call-it destiny 🙂 Actually, while running him through the Demonweb chain of missions he’s picked up some nice armour for my fighter and barbarian characters. Guess I better spend some time with them then 🙂

We ran another Shroud last Friday. Ran a bit smoother than our last run, though we’re still perfecting our prep and separation of the red names in part 2. At least this time they didn’t have to abandon me…

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