Rethinking magic systems in MMOs

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Like some of you, I imagine, I’m rather a sucker for a good fantasy novel. There are terrific books out there full of wild imagination that have gone beyond the Tolkein tropes and done their own thing while still giving us alternate worlds, epic journeys, and terrifying creatures. What I’m always on the lookout for in these books are creative magic systems. It seems like modern authors actually pride themselves on bucking generic systems and embracing inventive notions. Brandon Sanderson is pretty good at this, but he’s not the only writer who’s been doing this.

In these hands, magic can actually be as fascinating as the tales in which they take a part. Learning the ins and outs of these systems, the rules, the boundaries, the application is part of the fun of reading books. When I was a kid I loved the Xanth novels, and in particular how each…

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