Tackling House Szind

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One of the quests that you need to complete for the City of Portals city arc is the quest The House of Death Undone.  Like the other quests in this story arc, it occurs in the landscape area of Sschindylryn.  It is located in the eastern portion of the city and you have to maneuver around a few gates to get to it.  The quest takes place in the great drow stronghold of House Szind.  The quest giver is Oryne Belamadin who is located in Eveningstar.

Wapoyei making his way through Sschindylryn to the quest House of Death Undone.

Making the way to the entrance of House Szind.

The House of Death Undone is a unique quest in two respects: 1). dealing with “respawns” that are from killed enemies and 2). being engaged with some drow political dissension within a powerful drow house.  The layout of the House…

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