The Ashen Castle

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In a run-down end of town is a squat and ugly ruin. The Ashen Castle was once a prison – when the city had more law and order and the means to maintain a prison and prison population. But that was two centuries ago – now prisoners are kept in the dungeons or the pillory, and most crimes that would see someone sent to the Ashen Castle for years now results in either death or exile from the city walls.

The Ashen Castle The Ashen Castle

Two centuries of wear and tear without maintenance has left portions of the castle (particularly exterior walls and courtyards) collapsing and ruined, with the pale grey stone from whence the prison got its moniker fallen into the streets and into the ruins themselves.

Many of the cells in the prison had no outside light and were perpetually dark – however those with windows were constantly hot in the summer…

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