Ascetic Guardian, Revisited

The Order of Syncletica

portrait-lynncletica1Some time ago, I wrote up my desire to build my Shintao Monk as a true tank, aggroing the bulk of enemies to ease party defense and increase total party offense.

That was way back in Update 23. With seven updates later and a lot more experience in raids, it’s time for me to revisit how Shintao Monks can be very relevant at their current design.

Lynncletica is active again. I will play her dominantly except when the capped and proven Zen Archer and Poison Master builds of Pynthetica and Ryncletica have high-level raids available. My goal is simply to get Lynn available to help in those same raids. I will also add the build to the Monk guide once completed.

It’s all too uncommon to find the raid leaders searching about for tanks in both “Temple of the Deathwyrm” and “Fire on Thunder Peak.” Other raids like “The…

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