MotU – Again!

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So I’ve been pretty much been doing nothing but the expansion pack for the last 3 days. Actually, no, that IS all I’ve been doing!

I’ve been playing my light-based strength build monk and have got him to level 22. I have a few nice items for him that have put his stats up nicely (I can now hit 600+ very comfortably)

Grave Wrappings

Unbelievably, I had someone send me a tell in the harbour last night asking me how I was level 21 when the cap is 20….. {shakes head in disbelief}

But more than anything, I still really love Kings Forest. Unfortunately this picture does not do the sunset justice 🙂


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DDO abstinence

Micki's Delirium

Two whole nights of not logging in to DDO at all, and I’m really suffering from abstinence, lol 😀 One night went fine, the second I just kept thinking, I’ll just log on for a while… then decided that no, I have to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping, I’m tired and getting anything done feels hard. I can’t wait to have some time off from… well daily things like work and exercise (I’m really tired)… and to get to sleep in.

Now, back to DDO. I’m dying to try out my new Shroud puzzle skills. It’s gotta be way different using them in game, than practicing online. So, I could log on for about an hour tonight, what should I do? With Thaz I’d like to run, well Shroud, epics, Lord of Stone elite, Reaver’s Reach chain elite, flag for ToD and LoB, etc etc. With Cerge I’m in the…

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Time Bomb and Framework is a bunch of fun!!

Erdrique's Blog

Sludgge setting off a time bomb in Framework photo SludggesettingoffatimebombinFramework_zps37855c76.jpg
Sludgge enjoying setting off Time Bombs and in the quest Framework.

The quest Framework is one of those quests that can go really bad, really quickly.  The Order of Syncletica recently wrote up a series of blogs that reviewed some of the most difficult at level quests in the game and one of those quests was Framework.  Earlier in the year, I was running Sludgge through this particular quest and I had a tough time in it.  I remembered my difficulties in it and had planned on taking my revenge!!

Well I got my chance earlier in the week.  Sludgge is currently level 19, and although Framework is only level 14 on elite, it is still quite challenging if you aren’t careful and if you are just running it with a few hirelings.  I brought with me my Onyx Panther, Owlbear, and cleric hireling and decided to have some fun…

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Update 31 – Now on Lammania – spolier warning!

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It’s that time of year again with new changes and new content as per the release notes.

There are currently only 2 of the 3 quests up for review and as far as I can tell they’re not completely done. Particularly ‘Search and Rescue’.

Both quests are fairly lengthy and both comes in heroic and Epic flavor. For the heroic version it seems to be different levels and I’m not entirely sure if that’s true with the Epic stuff as well. 1 of the quests – based out of Harbor using the same quest as missing. That’s the one you end up fighting a chaos beholder running around pretending to be a warforged. The entire quest have been used as far as I can tell with some slight modifications. And this time you’re entering it after you cleansed it from the squid face creations and now it’s a bazaar…

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Zen and the Quest for 5,000 Favor

The Order of Syncletica

I’ve updated the Zen Archer build information with the final results of my experience with it. Without sounding my own gong too loudly, it’s got to be my most versatile build. That’s not saying much since I’ve only designed two builds. (The Poison Master is the second.)

Pynthetica, reaching level 30 some time ago, is accomplishing what I’ve not achieved with no other character: 5,000 total favor.

Okay, okay, you may snicker. Just cheer for me a little, those of you who’ve made many Heroic and Epic Completionist characters. I’m a slower player. (Perhaps that’s because I’m an older player, one who has played Pong on Atari in the Seventies, and Space Invaders in arcades, oh, long before many of you were born.)

Sometimes I celebrate things that may seem mundane to the power-gamers among the player base. I’m cheerful because the build has defied what some critics claimed it could…

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On the road to 15.

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I like my new and shiny 14. Icy Raiment on – add recitation (FvS hireling) and it’s north of 46 in AC – enough to be effective in most wilderness areas and quests below 16. Add 2 good GS weapons, one great GS bow – 3 different GS items and everything else and I’m running around saving the day while looking good.

Sure – I’m not the only one. What I do pale in comparison to the fully geared 5+ TR chopping wood on a daily basis, but for me it works nice.

The fun part is taking the trip to the bank every time I level. At 14 I could put on my shiny Raiment. At 15 I have some Xoriat stuff to use and at 16 I can put on my Dragontouched vestment. At 18 I have my TOD things and at 19 the new quest items. I’m…

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Why I like DDO, the snore addition

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

There are three different types of game mechanics and in those there you have different basic variations. First off you have the realistic – where as the game is suppose to mimic (within reason) realistic weapon or armor conditions/fighting. You mostly find these in first person shooters. Realistic in the sense that weapons and armor is portrait with the right sound, ammo count, armor penetration etc as closely as possible. While you can’t be completely realistic – one shot one kill/disabled and crawl around for 20 minutes before dying, it mimics realism more closely as it will take very few shots to kill something. The rest of it is made that way to be fun. Armor is also often of the peel of type – each hit reduces its effectiveness until it’s completely gone. Not very realistic but it’s more realistic than say the armor value stops someone from hitting…

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Finally :D

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

Today Bloodlickr hit lvl 30 for the first time after the new lvl 30 cap was implemented!!!

Exited to ETR/HTR so I can get back on the defender build!!!

BUT……. I’ll stay on this lvl 30 barbarian for a bit – just to farm the Legendary Shroud 😀

Am already not far away from being able to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier augment – so it’s worth it waiting 😀

Even though the stat on weapon combo is not desirable I am still going with it! I am playing DDO for mere fun! And an item with +24 con total frees up gear slots and will push Bloodlickr towards my goal of static 3000 HP!

More reasonable LGS items will have to follow later 😀

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Here’s something u don’t see every day

Micki's Delirium

Ran a hard shroud with Thazara yesterday, and guess what I had on my end reward list? A +3 intelligence tome! The only problem was that it was BtC, and since I have no plans to TR Thaz, I really don’t need it. But this is the first +3 tome I have seen/ found in the game, so I kinda had to get it 🙂 But maybe, I could LR her and change her starting int and add points to con and/ or cha? I don’t exactly know how it works with these tomes, does the +3 int tome mean if I LR her, her starting int will be 11, instead of 8? That would free up 4 points, and I could raise her con to 16 (starting 12 +2 tome) and cha to 12 (starting 8 +2 tome). This would mean more hp and more turns 🙂

When you…

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Epic shroud?

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

A while back, maybe 2-3 weeks after I started playing I wrote a long rambling piece on how I liked DDO better for its hybrid type combat system, compared to first person shooters ‘realism’ and incremental systems like Diablo. A short recap – ‘realistic’ systems is about relative accuracy of weapon modeling with ‘1 hit kill’ type deals, incremental is about finding a weapon that do more damage followed by a armor with more defense.

Incremental is all about replacing old stuff with new better and usually leads to that you don’t feel attached to your gear since each new level or area require an ever incremental weaponry to stay ahead of the curb.

I still like playing both; Diablo II remains one of the forbearers of RPG lite games that took the turn based stat heavy system into something like 4 stats, real time and loot heavy.

And I…

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