Legendary Dreadnaught is Now Maxed Out

Erdrique's Blog

Earlier in March, Erdrique (Level 27 Rogue/Grand Master of Flowers) completed and maxed out the Legendary Dreadnaught epic destiny.  I’m currently making my way through my first epic reincarnation and as a result I have decided to just move my way through the epic destiny tree. I found the abilities for Legendary Dreadnaught to be a nice mixture with those Erdrique has a rogue acrobat (primarily).  In particular I found Momentum Swing and Lay Waste a nice compliment to Sweeping Strikes.  I also found the ability of Lightning Mace to be a fun melee attack that I could rotate with Quick Strike, Sly Flourish, and Staff Lunge.  I was actually quite surprised at how all of these seemed to work and found myself constantly clicking on various attack abilities.  Needless to say, it was a great epic destiny for my play style and I was a little disappointed as I…

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