Sat-sun raids

Micki's Delirium

I am feeling a bit lazy with this post, seeing as it’s a bit late when I’m starting, so I’ll most likely mostly post pictures. Here’s what my epic toons (Thazara and Cerge) did this weekend.


ToD (hard with opt)
I logged on a bit late, and put up a TOD lfm right away. Domfig had had one up a little earlier, but couldn’t fill, so he said he’d join mine when I log. I wait a while with no joiners, then I get Dom and Andy a few more, and then one guy joins and brings several of his guildies along and we fill. Group’s pretty nice, taking it quite easy. 🙂 No issues, no messing up from me. 😛 Not flawless smooth, but good enough. And I made Jal, aka Domfig tank Suulo. 🙂 I would have prefered him taking Suulo to the opposite wall than staying…

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