Trying to determine a link between various clans or groups of monsters across storylines-part 4 Trolls

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The next group of monsters I thought I would take a quick glance at would be trolls.  Like ogres, trolls are a relatively common monster that we come across.  Just off the top of my head, I see about six different groups of trolls:

Trolls-Blog photo Trolls_zpsd01400a3.jpg
Different types of trolls in DDO.  (Screenshots courtesy of DDOwiki).

1).  Lower/mid-level quests (Harbor, Caged Trolls, Gwylan’s Stand, Stormcleave, Red Willow, Threnal, etc.)
2).  Scrags (Three Barrel Cove, Red Fens, Ataraxia’s Haven)
3).  Deathblood Trolls of Sorrrowdusk
4).  Blackheart Trolls of Gianthold
5).  Trolls in Forgotten Caverns
6).  Trolls of VON 3 (Gateway to Khyber)

For the most part, I think the majority of the trolls in lower and mid-level quests are independent of each other.  Like the ogres, they seem to be more like mercenaries or prisoners in some cases.  However, there does seem to be five groups…

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