Being humbled in Archer Point Defense

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Stoorage prepping for Archer's Point Defense photo StooragepreppinginArchersPointDefense_zps63cb3554.jpgStoorage prepping for his doom in Archer’s Point Defense

Last night, I was running one of my characters on my free account, Stoorage, a level 8 Kensai Fighter.  Now mind you, Stoorage doesn’t have the best gear by any means and usually I take that into account when I’m questing with him.  I was grouped up with another guildie who was running low on time so I had suggested to run Archer Point Defense.  I knew that quest would take a relatively short amount of time and since Hell (my guildie) was a VIP I knew he could open up the quest on elite.  That would save me from having to run the quest three times.  I had just hit level 8 was thinking just a little too much of myself at this point…

Ok, so we enter the quest and I summoned my hireling cleric and had…

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