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Originally posted on my GuildPortal Blog on April 20, 2013:

The Catacombs Story Arc has been present in DDO since its release back in 2006.  And I know a number of of DDO vets who can’t stand the story arc..including a number of guildies.  However, I think it is a fun an interesting set of quests and that the underlies the classic D&D ideas.  The Catacombs Story Arc centers around a number of classic D&D elements:

1).  Corruption and deception
2).  Greed
3).  Power
4).  The ability to control life
5).  Classic undead D&D monsters

I always enjoy running the story arc, hunting through the crypts of the Silver Flame’s Catacombs in the search of Marguerite and then hunting down all of the Dryden family secrets. 

I believe the reason for the majority of the angst that the Catacombs receives is mainly due to the sequence of making sure…

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