2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge

Micki's Delirium

🙂 Osi suggested the other day that we try and duo ee ADQ, the raid. Sounded like a fun thing to try, so I was of course interested. We decided to do it today after my swim practice. The plan was for both of us to run in Unyielding Sentinel and Osi would be tanking her while I would be dot’ing and healing from a few steps back. Osi also said he’d have to kite the efreeti, as he wouldn’t be able to take the damage from all of the mobs on him. So we did tank mode til the efreeti showed up, then Osi started kiting them while I continued dot’ing the queen. Then I decided to help kill the efreeti, threw a bb, Lailat came down and I got her aggro, til Osi got it back. Since Osi as an fvs has wings and I don’t I decided…

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