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A while back, maybe 2-3 weeks after I started playing I wrote a long rambling piece on how I liked DDO better for its hybrid type combat system, compared to first person shooters ‘realism’ and incremental systems like Diablo. A short recap – ‘realistic’ systems is about relative accuracy of weapon modeling with ‘1 hit kill’ type deals, incremental is about finding a weapon that do more damage followed by a armor with more defense.

Incremental is all about replacing old stuff with new better and usually leads to that you don’t feel attached to your gear since each new level or area require an ever incremental weaponry to stay ahead of the curb.

I still like playing both; Diablo II remains one of the forbearers of RPG lite games that took the turn based stat heavy system into something like 4 stats, real time and loot heavy.

And I…

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