Finally :D

Bloodlickr - DDO gaming adventures

Today Bloodlickr hit lvl 30 for the first time after the new lvl 30 cap was implemented!!!

Exited to ETR/HTR so I can get back on the defender build!!!

BUT……. I’ll stay on this lvl 30 barbarian for a bit – just to farm the Legendary Shroud 😀

Am already not far away from being able to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier augment – so it’s worth it waiting 😀

Even though the stat on weapon combo is not desirable I am still going with it! I am playing DDO for mere fun! And an item with +24 con total frees up gear slots and will push Bloodlickr towards my goal of static 3000 HP!

More reasonable LGS items will have to follow later 😀

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