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Micki's Delirium

Ran a hard shroud with Thazara yesterday, and guess what I had on my end reward list? A +3 intelligence tome! The only problem was that it was BtC, and since I have no plans to TR Thaz, I really don’t need it. But this is the first +3 tome I have seen/ found in the game, so I kinda had to get it 🙂 But maybe, I could LR her and change her starting int and add points to con and/ or cha? I don’t exactly know how it works with these tomes, does the +3 int tome mean if I LR her, her starting int will be 11, instead of 8? That would free up 4 points, and I could raise her con to 16 (starting 12 +2 tome) and cha to 12 (starting 8 +2 tome). This would mean more hp and more turns 🙂

When you…

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