Why I like DDO, the snore addition

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

There are three different types of game mechanics and in those there you have different basic variations. First off you have the realistic – where as the game is suppose to mimic (within reason) realistic weapon or armor conditions/fighting. You mostly find these in first person shooters. Realistic in the sense that weapons and armor is portrait with the right sound, ammo count, armor penetration etc as closely as possible. While you can’t be completely realistic – one shot one kill/disabled and crawl around for 20 minutes before dying, it mimics realism more closely as it will take very few shots to kill something. The rest of it is made that way to be fun. Armor is also often of the peel of type – each hit reduces its effectiveness until it’s completely gone. Not very realistic but it’s more realistic than say the armor value stops someone from hitting…

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