On the road to 15.

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I like my new and shiny 14. Icy Raiment on – add recitation (FvS hireling) and it’s north of 46 in AC – enough to be effective in most wilderness areas and quests below 16. Add 2 good GS weapons, one great GS bow – 3 different GS items and everything else and I’m running around saving the day while looking good.

Sure – I’m not the only one. What I do pale in comparison to the fully geared 5+ TR chopping wood on a daily basis, but for me it works nice.

The fun part is taking the trip to the bank every time I level. At 14 I could put on my shiny Raiment. At 15 I have some Xoriat stuff to use and at 16 I can put on my Dragontouched vestment. At 18 I have my TOD things and at 19 the new quest items. I’m…

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