Gaming goals for May

Bio Break


It’s May? Already? Inconceivable!

I’m actually pretty excited for this month, as my wife and I are going on a cruise for my 40th birthday (May 31st, start shopping now!). I just need to take a break and get away for a bit — from jobs, from kids, from the routine. Recharge. Because of this break, I’ll have a week less of gaming than otherwise, so here’s what I’m looking at accomplishing this month:

  • The Secret World: I want to go through the last quest of Issue 12, all of Issue 13, and the upcoming Issue 14 on my high level character. I always feel like she should be through all of the content to date. After that, keep plugging away at City of the Sun God on my playthrough character. Would be great to get to Transylvania by June.
  • Chrono Trigger: I put this game aside while exercise biking…

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